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with Thalia

Summers morning on the Breacon Beacons

Yoga for mind and body, health and well-being.

Yoga nidra, yoga online.

Here is a free yoga nidra recording for  you. Wrap up warm, settle into a comfortable position and simply listen. You will be guided into a place of rest renewal and insight.
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Welcome to Gentle Yoga

With gentle movement, we develop our core strength, and find the space to grow with grace and ease.

In Gentle Yoga we develop body and breath awareness, learning to breathe deeper to relax and rejuvenate  the mind, body, and spirit. Core strength will be built. Ease of movement developed. And calmness of the mind explored and realised.



Thalia teaches gentle yoga in a lovely nurturing style which shows care and consideration for the individual needs and abilities of her pupils. I always leave her class feeling rejuvenated yet calm and at ease. She has a deep understanding of breathwork, poses and relaxation, and I have loved coming to her classes over many years now.”  – Carole

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“Thalia is an outstanding yoga teacher. She guides through classes at a pace that works best for you as an individual, gently supporting and encouraging. I love that Thalia brings into yoga practice the changes in the seasons and the moon. I always really enjoy classes with Thalia and feel calm and uplifted after each class.”
– Annie

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“Thalia’s yoga classes are the highlight of my week. Having done yoga for several years I realised early on that a rapport with your teacher is essential. Thalia knows her students and focuses on building from the basics, ensuring that our core knowledge is sound. It is an hour each week to ground oneself and relax. An excellent yoga teacher.” – Louise

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“Yoga is my passion, the golden thread that guides me through Life. It is the still, calm centre around which the joys, the sorrows, the easy and the difficult times flow… bringing me home to myself.”

I was first taught Hatha and Iyengar yoga by my mother when I was 5 years old. I explored the art of yoga for hours in the garden and the woods, and fell in love with Nature. Indeed, I found yoga to be a wonderful way to come home to Nature and simply be.

 I was in the middle of my Yoga Teacher training course when I was in an accident which tore a muscle down my back. Just as we were moving on to the advanced postures . To continue practising  I had to adapt each pose down to its essence with small movements that allowed the muscle in my back to heal. Gentleness was the key as I learnt to move with awareness of my body’s limitations. I kept moving, breathing, and finding that calm centre.

Once my body healed, I found I could perform complex poses with ease even better than before the injury.


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