Is Gentle Yoga Dynamic?

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 When Is gentle yoga dynamic?

The morning is a good time for a dynamic practice. This is when we connect to the  energy of the sun from sunrise to noon  A dynamic practice is often warming and energising  which is good when we are feeling low on energy.  The aim  of  Hatha yoga is to balance  and integrate the forces of Ida and Pingula.  In the yogic body Pingula is the  active  radiant energy, symbolised by the sun  and quiet inward reflection is symbolised by Ida, the moon.  As these two energies  come into  balance, we find equilibrium and feel centred. Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutations is an invigorating Hatha yoga practice , helping us to live an active life.

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With Chandra Namaskara   our dynamic practice  salutes the lunar cycle between the new moon and the full moon, which is a time of growth and activity.  Chandra Namaskara is intricately linked to Surya Namaskara  as the moon reflects the suns light, so  the lunar cycle mirrors that of the daily and seasonal cycles of the sun.  Moon salutations  are best practiced in the evening when the moon is visible as it brings in the qualities of balance and reflection into the sequence.   This is especially important for women whose menstrual cycle often waxes and wanes in tandem with the moon. Indeed seasonal  yoga is the flow of connection throughout  our life

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At the start of our yoga journey  we  bring together,  the elements of body, breath, and mind awareness into a single flow of attention.  As we progress,  there are up to seven different elements  that come together to  deepen our  experience of meditation in motion. 

1. attention

2. pranayama

3. mantra

4.  mudra

5. visualisation

6. attitude

7.  bandhas


.My Sun flow morning sessions offer a  practice that  integrates these  seven elements, in a class that  is both gentle and dynamic.

 Dynamism flows once the body is free of tension  and injury. Then we  can playfully  change the pace to explore different rhythms,  and patterns of movement. This is  a dance of folding and unfolding, lengthening, and releasing,  sensing  the  connections within the body. Then  interspersed throughout the session are  moments  of stillness  where we let go of all activity to simply be.

  We do not push or strain whilst practising, for example:  with Pranayama it is not about controlling the mind,  the breath, or the body, but rather applying a gentle effort throughout.  This is because the main goal of all yoga practice is to remove , mental concepts that say: it should or must be done like this.  Then we can fully and lovingly experience what is in the present. This requires  a soft attention, of  being open to what is happening in the moment , whether it is active and dynamic, or reflective and still.  By  befriending  the mind, we aim to experience gentle strength,  our equanimity  in  both motion and stillness.

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