My Yoga Story

Thalia meditate with yew

“Yoga is my passion, the golden thread that guides me through Life. It is the still, calm centre around which the joys, the sorrows, the easy and the difficult times flow… bringing me home to myself.”



I was as taught Hatha and Iyengar yoga by my mother in 1966 when I was 5 years old. I explored the art of yoga for hours in the garden and the woods, and fell in love with Nature. Indeed, I found yoga to be a wonderful way to come home to Nature and simply be. Today I go forest bathing, take yoga walks and meditate in Nature as this is truly the source of my wellbeing.

I discovered Buddhism in 1986, integrating a daily mantra practice of Buddhist and Hatha yoga which transformed my life. At the same time, I was studying Fine Art / Photography BA Hons, at Falmouth Art School in Cornwall which inspired me to be a keen nature photographer. I explored the concept of the act of photography being a meditation into a deeper connection with nature and the images on this website are the result of many magical moments.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga became central to my practice after an accident which tore the muscle down my back. I was in the middle of my Yoga Teacher training course just as we were moving on to the advanced postures and I still had to practice for an hour a day. To do this safely I had to adapt each pose down to its essence with small gentle movements that allowed the muscle in my back to heal. Gentleness was the key as I learnt to move with awareness of my body’s limitations. Some days the movements were quite simple, focused on breath easing the tension in my body. I kept moving, breathing, and finding that calm centre.

Once my body healed, I found I could perform complex poses with ease, even better than before the injury. My attitude had changed. The way I move has become a dance, no longer focused on fixed forms framed by expectation, exploring instead rhythms and patterns of movement that allow my body to breath and move with ease.

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Coming Home

Inspired by my love of nature I became a Bard and Druid when I moved to Glastonbury in 1990. Glastonbury’s unique atmosphere, myths and legends are a key source of inspiration for my teaching and I have developed a fusion of Druidry, Yoga and the Goddess.

In 2013 I trained with Swami Satyadaya  who inspired me to share my passion with others by teaching yoga. After two years of training under the directorship of Swami Nischalananda Saraswati on the Mandala Yoga Ashram Teacher Training course I gained my Yoga Teacher Diploma accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga.

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I am currently studying with the Total Yoga Nidra Network teacher  & facilitator training  to broaden my understanding of Yoga Nidra. I also completed the 40 hours  Yoni Shakti Well Women Yoga Therapy training accredited by IYN.  So my training continues. Ever developing. Ever transforming.

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